Hand And Hand
Flashing Star's
For Give And Take For
Thanks All People
Eternal Journey


I come to back life again from hell.
act GOD every day's.
my spirit of YAMATO in SOUL.
backing sun on the head so long shadow.
standing alone ground from earth.
have keeping law and breaking hack system.
go ahead walk to the destination of future way.
my bady in blood of routs, father and mother.
please look up.burning sun in croud, and out of sky.
black and white contrast.
cycle of enagey.breath air.
agony day's ago.jast silent it.
drop rain off blue sky.closed eye.
All aliving lives, in life.mind of BUSHIDO.
over time's.day's some day's destruction destiny culture.
go to the back of beyond.people...
where are your's going to do.
billow the sea.chemistry.seek a planet.
darkness gas was opened ozone hole.
oh GOD.ledend blade in my home.
I swear say.not sell soul.
Whose blame.GOD BLAZE ON SUN.
I believe my self.blessed dirty heart.
coming blow spring.SAKURA and THUBAME.